There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to redeem your Gift Card, including:  

  • There is no balance left, (contact the Merchant directly); 
  • The Gift Card has expired:  

- Check the expiry date in your Cashrewards Wallet by clicking on the relevant Gift Card – expiry date appears at the bottom of the Wallet in between purchase date and order number ) 

- If the Gift Card has been sent as a giftthe recipient can find the expiry date  under the card number and issue date on their email; 

  • Your pin number entered is incorrect (contact the Merchant directly); 
  • The location of redemption is not eligible for Gift Card usage (for example, attempting to redeem a Gift Card online when only in-store redemption is accepted); 

Please refer to the merchant Gift Card Terms and Conditions or reach out to the merchant directly for assistance.