Watch this short video on how to set up the Notifier: 

 1. Ensure you’ve got the latest Cashrewards app 

 2. Download the latest version of the Cashrewards app on the App Store. The Mobile Notifier is only available on iOS Safari for now. Download on the App Store: 

 - Update Settings to enable the Mobile Notifier 
 - Open Settings and select Safari 
 - Scroll down to Privacy & Security > Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and toggle this off (so it’s grey). 
 We take your privacy seriously. Updating this setting allows you to see and activate cashback offers and for us to reward you with cashback. 
 - In the same screen, scroll up to Extensions, select Cashrewards and toggle this on (so it’s green) and under ‘Permissions for Cashrewards’, select All Websites > Allow 
 This enables the extension so we can let you know when there is cashback available. 

 3. That’s it, you’re all set! Time to activate and earn cashback 
 The Mobile Notifier will pop up in your Safari browser so you can activate cashback directly on your favourite store's website. 


If you experience any trouble, please contact our Member Services Team.