As per our Terms of Use, in order for an account to remain active, a member must have logged on and clicked through to a store within the preceding 12 months. If an account is inactive for 12 months, the system will process an "inactive transaction" to remove unclaimed rewards from the member account. In order to prevent this from happening, you need only to click through to a partner store once every 12 months. 

The “inactive transaction” is required for accounting purposes, however, we would much rather keep our members active and engaged. If this has happened to you and you wish to continue to shop with Cashrewards please get in contact with us and we will return the reward balance to your account. 

IMPORTANT: In order to retain your rewards, please log in to your Cashrewards account immediately and click through to a store. Be advised that if you don't click through from Cashrewards to a partner store within the next 12 months following that click, your rewards will revert to $0.00 again.