There are a few reasons why your transaction or cashback amount may be different than expected: 

  • Some stores choose to make certain items ineligible for rewards. These exclusions are noted on their store page on Cashrewards and their purchase may result in a different transaction or cashback amount than you anticipated. 
  • A select number of stores choose not to report sale values to Cashrewards. In these instances, your transaction amount will display as $0 but your rewards will be calculated as normal.
  • Certain stores don’t provide cashback on taxes such as GST, levies, fees or other charges within a sale amount aside from the base purchase price. Therefore, we are unable to pass this portion of the transaction amount back to our members as cashback.
  • If you are booking travel through Cashrewards, items consumed after the initial purchase (for example mini-bar purchases or guest services) are not eligible for rewards.
  • In instances where a part of a purchase has been returned or cancelled, your transaction amount and rewards may update to reflect the new sale value.
  • If you increase the sale amount of your order after purchasing through Cashrewards, such as adding an item to your ‘click and collect’ order in-store, the new items purchased in-store will not be eligible for rewards.
  • If your transaction displays in a foreign currency, please see our Currency FAQs 
  • If you believe your cashback amount is wrong and is not a result of any of the above reasons, please also ensure that you have abided by our Cashback Tips during your purchase. 

Mistakes can happen, and in some instances your cashback may have been incorrectly reported and calculated through an automated system. If you are certain a mistake has occurred, please contact our Member Services Team who will be more than happy to assist.