You may be required to enable Two-Factor Authentication before updating your details. For more information, see below articles: 

What is Two-Factor Authentication? How to set up Two-Factor Authentication?

To change your Personal Details: 
1. Go to My Account > My Settings 
2. Click on 'Personal Details' 
3. Update details as desired 
4. Press 'Save' to confirm changes. 

To change your Email Address: 
1. Go to My Account > My Settings 
2. Click on 'Email Address' 
3. Enter your Cashrewards password. 
4. Enter your new email address 
5. You will receive a confirmation email at your new email address.  

To change your Password: 
1. Go to My Account > My Settings 
2. Click on 'Password' 
3. Enter your current Cashrewards password 
4. Enter your new password (Please remember that your Cashrewards password needs to be at least 8 characters long) 
5. Confirm your new password and press 'Next' to save 
6. You will received a password change confirmation email at your email address. If you can't access your account to change your password, you can reset your password here

PLEASE NOTE: If you no longer have access to the email address attached to your Cashrewards account, please get in contact with our Member Services Team. They may require you to provide verification/identification details for security purposes.