Rewards for an online purchase will generally become available 30-120 days after your transaction. If you have booked a flight, holiday or rental vehicle through Cashrewards, it can take up to 90 days after the completion of your travel for your rewards to be approved. 

This time period varies from store to store and aligns with the amount of time that the store needs to confirm your purchase and to verify that you haven’t returned any items, cancelled your booking or requested a refund. We’re watching your rewards closely and will update your Cashrewards account as soon as they’ve been approved by the store. 

The estimated approval time period is listed on the Cashrewards store page under ‘Cashback Schedule’. 

If you have already made a purchase, your Estimated Approval Date is listed on your My Rewards section of your Cashrewards account. This is an estimation based on the store’s past transaction approval time frames. 

These estimations are an average and from time to time approvals may take a little longer. In these instances, we will follow up with the store on your behalf.