We love great deals and we list a huge number of coupon codes on our Coupons page, including many coupon codes exclusive to Cashrewards.

However, unless a coupon is advertised on the Cashrewards website, the use of it may result in a store not paying out rewards. 

Our partner stores issue the coupon codes for their store, and if the code you have used was not issued to Cashrewards and published on our site, its use may cause the store to attribute the sale to the website where you sourced the coupon code instead of attributing it to Cashrewards. In this instance, your cashback rewards may become ineligible. 

It is also worth noting, occasionally, the use of coupon codes that are eligible for cashback will result in a lower cashback rate. This information will be clearly displayed on the store page on the Cashrewards website. 

Please check each store page on Cashrewards for any specific terms & conditions pertaining to coupon code use.