There are multiple symbols used in your My Rewards page within your Account. These are as follows: 

  • Blue Tick - Your Cashrewards Cashback has been approved and is now available to withdraw to your bank or Paypal account, so long as you have the minimum amount required available to withdraw.

  • Orange Clock - Your Cashback is still pending. We're waiting for store to confirm the sale and its eligibility for Cashback, as a result your transaction will remain as pending during this confirmation period.

  • Yellow Exclamation Mark - The estimated approval time, or confirmation period for the store to confirm the sale and its eligibility for Cashback has passed. The Cashback for your transaction has been changed from being marked as pending to now being overdue. Please keep in mind that these are only estimated approval time frames and stores may take a little longer from time to time. If your transaction remains marked as overdue for much longer, our Member Services Team are more than happy to follow it up for you.

  • Red Circle with line through - Your Cashback has been declined. This is usually as a result of certain terms or guidelines not being met, for instance, using a coupon code on the transaction which was not listed on the Cashrewards site.

  • Green Dollar Sign - Your Cashback has successfully been withdrawn and paid to your nominated bank or Paypal account. When a payment request is submitted, we follow a standard process to ensure the request received is compliant and legitimate. To allow this due diligence, we require 5-7 days before funds are available in your Bank or PayPal account.

  • Grey Dollar Sign with Arrow - Payment Pending. This withdrawal is in line to be processed and should be approved within 48 hours. Once approved, please allow 5 business days for the funds to arrive in your chosen Bank/PayPal account.

  • Red Dollar Sign - Payment Reversal. This withdrawal was not successfully processed due to incorrect payment details supplied. Please check and update your Bank/PayPal details and try again.