There are quite a few reasons why Cashrewards can be blocked from receiving commission, such as: 

• Having other web pages open (including search sites, social media, other store sites) or web browsers whilst visiting the store, 

• Clicking through to another page from a banner or ad on the store's webpage whilst shopping, 

• Antivirus/cleanup application tasks may remove tracking cookies (which are required to track transactions), 

• Use of a coupon code not originated on the Cashrewards site, payment for the transaction was made with a credit card that has its own rewards program/loyalty points etc

We can understand this can be quite confusing as a transaction can track through Cashrewards, although Cashback from a purchase made through us can be attributed to another marketing channel. There are many embedded cookies, coupons and links in many online stores which allows a single transaction to track through many different channels. 

The marketing channel who obtains the commission for a sale is the final channel that a transaction passes through. We do not receive a commission from the store when another marketing channel was involved with your sale. 

Our Cashback Tips are set in place to prevent other channels being involved with sales, however, we cannot guarantee that sales will be attributed to us due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the channel and related technology.