Not all stores on Cashrewards have a single Cashback rate for all products. Some stores choose to have varying levels of Cashback depending on the item purchased. Stores may also choose to offer a higher Cashback rate to attract new customers over existing customers. Cashback rates can also change in line with the store or seasonal promotional periods and can even double and triple in amount. In these instances, all applicable Cashback rates and any terms associated with the eligibility of those Cashback rates will be clearly displayed on the Cashrewards store page. 

In the search results on Cashrewards, if there are multiple rates for a particular store, you will see "Up to" X.XX% to indicate this. 

While Cashrewards displays these rates and the Cashback you receive is from Cashrewards, it is usually our partner stores who will determine what Cashback rates are possible and allowable.